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2011 Youth Ministry Video Kit with Max Lucado, Francis Chan, and Doug Fields
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2011 Youth Ministry Video Kit with Max Lucado, Francis Chan, and Doug Fields

Bring Max Lucado, Francis Chan, and Doug Fields to Your Youth Group

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My good friend Max Lucado never ceases to amaze me and he has done it again! Reading his newest opus (or book, creation,whatever) inspires and encourages me to want to go out and help to change the world!

Mac Powell
Third Day


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In all of Bluefish TV youth ministry history, our team believes that the 2011 Youth Ministry Kit takes everything to the next level in youth group Bible studies.

We are so excited to introduce three video-driven Bible studies within this kit featuring Max Lucado, Francis Chan, and Doug Fields.

Each 4-part video series includes 4 DVDs, 56-page Leader’s Guide, Printable Group Handouts, and Free Downloadable video illustrations for your students. The video-based Bible study also includes a Bluefish TV Fishing License where you can choose and download 25 FREE Video illustrations from our library of over 800 clips (along with instructions on how to use your fishing license code). Here’s a brief description of each video series:

Made to Make a Difference with Max Lucado

Can you really change the world?

Deep down, everyone wants to make a difference. But it is difficult for students to get passed their own issues, problems, and distractions to see that their lives can count right now.

In these four challenging sessions, Max Lucado offers Biblical insight into how God has uniquely created students with certain passions, talents, and interests to impact the world for Christ. Students share real-life stories on how they’ve spoken up, stepped out and made a difference around them.

Four part video series with Mac Lucado on:

1.    Our Generation (22 min)
2.    Poverty is a Priority (23 min)
3.    Blast the Walls (24 min)
4.    Do Good Quietly (17 min)

Courage with Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love

Do You Have What it Takes?

Many students fear what people would think if they stood up for Truth. It is tempting for students to blend in with the crowd and keep silent. The risk of being rejected or alone for speaking up seems far too great.

In these four inspiring sessions, Francis Chan opens up the Scriptures and shows students how their faith in Christ can give them the ability to live lives defined by courage. Students share real-life stories regarding their struggles and successes in the face of adversity.

Four part video series with Francis Chan on:

1.    Stand Alone (24 min)
2.    Stand Firm (20 min)
3.    Stand Out (18 min)
4.    Stand Tall (18 min)

The Truth About Sex with Doug Fields of Simply Youth Ministry
* Contains Mature Teaching Topics *

Don't Believe the Lies

Every day, students are bombarded with hundreds of messages about sex: at school, on TV, the internet… sex is everywhere they look. They’re learning about sex from the culture around them. It’s hard to know what messages are really true.

In these four powerful sessions, students share authentic stories about the struggles they face regarding sex. Doug Fields offers Biblical insight into how all teens can make right decisions, live within boundaries, and seek God’s forgiveness when needed.

Four part video series with Doug Fields on:

1.    The Truth About Sex (25 min)
2.    The Truth About Guys and Girls (24 min)
3.    The Truth About Boundaries (25 min)
4.    The Truth About Forgiveness (24 min)

Doug Fields
President, Simply Youth Ministry
Doug Fields has been a pastor to teenagers and ministry leader for over 30 years. After graduating Vanguard University in 1984, he received his MDiv from Fuller Theological Seminary. He served as a youth pastor at Mariners Church before becoming the...

Francis Chan
Author, Crazy Love. Forgotten God, Erasing Hell
Francis Chan is the best-selling author of books, Crazy Love, Forgotten God, Erasing Hell and the host of the BASIC.series ( Who is God We Are Church ). He has also written the children's books Halfway Herbert, The Big Red Tractor and the Little...

Max Lucado
Author, Max on Life
Read any Max Lucado book and you feel like you know the author personally. He likes it that way. Max doesn t like to be called Pastor, Reverend or even Mister, though he is all of the above. He prefers to be known simply as Max. Max has published...

Jenna Lucado Bishop
Co-author, You Were Made to Make a Difference
Jenna Lucado Bishop, daughter of best-selling Christian author Max Lucado, has a passion for bringing hope to teenagers. Jenna has spoken to over 125,000 teen girls annually as part of the Revolve Tour. She wrote Redefining Beautiful and co-authored...

Austin Gutwein
Founder, Hoops of Hope
Austin Gutwein is the 17-year-old founder of Hoops of Hope, an international speaker, and author of Take Your Best Shot . To date, Hoops of Hope participants has raised over 2.3 million dollars to build schools, dormitories, clean water projects, and...


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