I was at a birthday party for a 6 year old when I became mesmerized by a toy race track. I couldn’t escape the thought that this toy race track could be a picture of the church.

The people in our churches are those toy cars. The wheels are the church. The track is life.

As a leader in your church, you have an enormous responsibility to teach scripture and inspire people to follow God with their lives. As your church service or Bible study ends and people are sent out onto the track of life, they are on mission. They have potential to impact the world around them for Christ.

But the road of life is tough. The world around them is telling them to be a consumer ... that they are #1 ... that they deserve more money, more house, more power. But that's not what Christ asked us to pursue.

Our mission at Bluefish TV is to help people trade in the pursuit of the American Dream for a world that desperately needs Christ.

Like our mission statement above, your church can help people trade in these me-centered pursuits. Your church can be a place to remind people of the mission and then send them beyond the walls of your church.

Some are sent out to impact the board rooms and cubicles. Others are sent out to impact the neighborhoods and PTA meetings. Still others are sent out to impact the classrooms and locker rooms.

Our non-profit ministry loves the church. We are committed to serving the staff and volunteer leaders who so passionately teach adults and students.

Thank you for letting Bluefish TV partner with you in sending people on mission.

Brian Mosley
President, Bluefish TV

Leadership Team

Brian Mosley


Brian leads the ministry with a quiet and determined leadership style. He graduated from Baylor University and then married his high school sweetheart, Julie. They have four kids, Abby, Grant, Ashley and Tristan.  Two of their kids came through fostering and adoption so they are big fans of orphan care initiatives.

Justin Forman

Executive Vice President

Justin loves using his entrepreneurial drive and passion for business to further God’s kingdom. He's a champion of the "Work as Worship" movement and leads our team to serve over 120,000 churches and facilitates partnerships with some amazing publishing partners and pastors. He and his wife, Sharee, both graduated from Baylor. They have two kids, Tristan and Kate and worship and serve at Allen Bible Church.

Phil Warner

Vice President, Video Production

Phil leads the creative team that produces all the video and print resources for the ministry. His passion is to use the power of media to boldly communicate the gospel. He has traveled the world working with Christian leaders, musicians and athletes producing, directing, editing and “making it happen.” Phil and his wife, Becky, have two sons, Hayden and Andrew and attend Watermark Community Church.

Marc McCartney

Vice President, Leadership Development & Conferences

Marc loves to work with church leaders. He produces and creates our RightNow Conferences which have taken place in Dallas, Orlando, Seattle, Washington DC, and Denver. Marc and his wife, Robin, are very involved at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, TX where Marc serves as an elder. They have two daughters: Macy and Mallory.

Scott Mosley

Vice President, Software & Experience

Scott leads the technology team that develops and maintains the websites. He's also leading the church on transforming online training through our newest initiative - RightNowMedia.org. He's married to his beautiful wife, Holley, who is a Physics teacher at a local high school. They are involved with Young Life and their local church, Providence Church in Frisco, TX.

Paul Lanum

Sr. Publisher

Paul leads the publishing/writing team and is passionate about using words to inspire people to action in the name of Jesus. Paul earned a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2010 and spent the prior 14 years as part of the Production Management Team at Walt Disney Feature Animation. He and his wife, Amaryah, and their two children—Joshua and Jaidyn—serve at First Baptist Church in Frisco.

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