Advance with Erwin McManus
Advance with Erwin McManus
A video based small group Bible study on choosing to "go" instead of saying "no."


Much of our religious language has been focused on the don'ts rather than the dos. In the same way we act as if the primary word from God is stop when it actually is go. Opportunities are lost because many times when we think we are waiting on God, He is waiting on us. This video based small group Bible study will encourage you to go instead of saying no.

As the lead pastor and cultural architect of Mosaic, Erwin McManus is leading a uniquely innovative and diverse congregation based in Los Angeles. Erwin is a thought-provoking communicator and has traveled to over 30 countries engaging relevant issues such as globalization, leadership, cultural transformation and church growth. He has authored several books including, An Unstoppable Force, Chasing Daylight, Barbarian Way and Soul Cravings. Erwin can be heard at conferences across the country including Leadnow, Catalyst and Willow Creek.

1 DVD (runtime 11 minutes)
•    Teaching from Erwin McManus
•    What Would You Do?: Powerful clip highlighting the indecision of a driver stopped by a homeless man
•    Real-life story: Scott reveals the hard life of living his faith as an actor in New York
Discussion guide

* Part of the Chasing Daylight DVD series


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Erwin McManus Erwin McManus
Erwin Raphael McManus is an artist, filmmaker, author, storyteller, activist, and innovator. He sees imagination as humanity's greatest resource. For over 30 years he has specialized in the field of creativity, innovation, human uniqueness, and discovering and maximizing personal genius.

As the creative force behind McManus Studios, Erwin inspires each person to live their most heroic life through the power of story, beauty, and design. McManus Studios focuses on fashion through Temple Bags, and film through Boy and Rocket.

Erwin serves as the principle visionary and primary communicator of Mosaic in Los Angeles.

He is the author of An Unstoppable Force, a Gold Medallion Award finalist; Chasing Daylight; Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul; The Barbarian Way; Stand Against the Wind; Soul Cravings; and Wide Awake.

He serves as a Senior Research Advisor for the Gallup Organization and partners with Birkman International.
br /> Erwin is a native of El Salvador and is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and Southwestern Theological Seminary. He holds a Doctorate of Humane Letters from Southeastern University.

He and his wife Kim live in Los Angeles have two children, Aaron and Mariah, and a foster daughter Paty.

Erwin has been a huge source of encouragement to Brian Mosley, President of RightNow and Bluefish TV. Erwin has been a featured speaker at several RightNow conferences ( His teaching is featured as one of the main session in the RightNow Mission Development Kit: Lead Beyond the Walls. Erwin has also partnered with Bluefish TV to create several powerful Bible studies: Uprising and Chasing Daylight.