Adult Bible Study Kit with David Nasser, Chris Seay, and Todd Phillips
Adult Bible Study Kit with David Nasser, Chris Seay, and Todd Phillips
Bring David Nasser, Chris Seay, and Todd Phillips to Your Adult Bible Study


Our team loves the church and we love small groups. But we realize that sometimes churches need more than just a small group study.

That is why David Nasser, Third Day's Mac Powell, Chris Seay, and Todd Phillipshave partnered with Bluefish TV to create the 2010 Adult Bible Study Kit. In this small group video series, you'll find optional resources to help you turn your small group study into a church-wide study.

In addition to the Bible study material, leader's guide, and workbook within each study, we've also included a BONUS Church Wide Resource DVD packed with real-life stories, video sermon illustrations, motion loops, background images, audio downloads, and promotional materials (teaser trailers, flyers, posters, logos, headshots) to help you carry the message even further.

Here's a brief description of everything included in the 2010 Adult Bible Study Kit:

Why Jesus? - FILMED ON LOCATION IN ISRAEL featuring David Nasser

Culture is blurring the lines between different faiths. It is increasingly difficult for people to grasp how their faith in Jesus Christ is unique.

In these four powerful sessions, David Nasser addresses the tough questions that people have about Jesus and points them back to the scriptural truths about our Savior. Filmed on location all throughout Israel and includes teaching from Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Sea of Galilee, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Mount of Olives and the Mount of the Beatitudes.

Four part video series with David Nasser on:
Session 1- What's the Big Deal about Jesus? (22 min.)
Session 2- Was Jesus God or Just a Good Man? (14 min.)
Session 3- Were Jesus' Miracles Just an Illusion? (17 min.)
Session 4- Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven? (21 min.)

Includes a Leader's Guide (53 pages) and Workbook (43 pages), in addition to three video-driven sermon illustrations:

Who was Jesus? – Filmed as a “man on the street” style interview, we asked young men and women to answer the question, “Who do you say that Jesus is?” These eye-opening opinions, comments and beliefs help us understand culture's perspective so that we can better reach our world for Christ.

From Islam to Jesus: David Nasser Story- David Nasser shares his powerful story of growing up in Iran and watching “religion” destroy his country. After moving to America to escape the horrors of the Iranian revolution, David shares about forsaking Islam and finding God's love, grace, and forgiveness for the first time in his life.

The Word: Read It- Christian musicians including Nicole C. Mullen, Anthony Evans, Stephanie Smith, and Aaron Boyd recite powerful verses in Scripture that deal with the power, perfection, and relevancy of God's word. This inspiring video illustration encourages us to really know God's word and treasure it above everything in life.

Keep Climbing – SHOT ON THE HIGHEST SUMMIT IN EUROPE featuring Todd Phillips
Also featuring I AM SECOND interviews with: Brian Welch (founder of KoRn), Jason Witten (NFL Pro-Bowl Tight-End), and Michelle Aguilar (Winner of the Biggest Loser).

Life is hard. We pray and ask God to help, but many times it seems like hes not there. We know God can perform miracles, yet our problems often remain. Is God listening? Does God care?

In these four sessions, Todd Phillips leads a team to Russia to climb Mount Elbrus, the tallest mountain in Europe. Todd uses their perilous trek as a backdrop to explore how God works with us through the challenges in our lives.

Four part video series with Todd Phillips on:
Session 1 - Leaving Comfort Behind (9 min.)
Session 2 - Flatten the Mountain (14 min.)
Session 3 - Climbing in Silence (10 min.)
Session 4 - A Better View (19 min.)

Includes a Leader's Guide (56 pages) and Workbook (44 pages), in addition to three Video-driven sermon illustrations:

Climbing Life's Mountains: From Mount Ararat, where God saved Noah and restarted civilization, to Mount Sinai,where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, God has always used mountains to show himself to his people. This inspirational video illustration reminds us that we were meant to climb the mountains of life so that our faith can be made stronger, even through suffering.

Famous Failures: Sometimes we look at people who have achieved great success and think that everything must come easy for them. This powerful video illustration takes us inside some of the greatest failures of all time so we can find the true meaning of perseverance and success. If you've never failed, you've never lived.

You Can Change the World: This inspiring video illustration gives us a behind the scenes look at some of the most influential leaders of all time whose courage, tenacity, vision, and curiosity inspired a movement of lasting change. Will we choose to use our abilities and gifts to impact the world for the better?

Prodigal Perspectives featuring Chris Seay
includes three award-winning short films by Jason Hildebrand

Guilt, shame, entitlement, bitterness, grief-stricken ... our relationships with others surface a variety of feelings. In these three sessions, viewers will experience the Prodigal Son story of the Bible through the eyes of the younger son, the elder son and the father as performed in separate, dramatic films by professional actor/writer, Jason Hildebrand.

After each short film, Chris Seay will walk us through the scripture helping us to understand how jealousy, selfishness and forgiveness effect our own lives and relationships.

Three part video series with Chris Seay on:
Session 1 - The Younger Son (13 min.)
Session 2 - The Elder Son (11 min.)
Session 3 - The Father (16 min.)

Includes a Leader's Guide (44 pages) and Workbook (36 pages), in addition to three video-driven sermon illustrations:

Josh and Katie Hamilton: Major League Baseball All-star, Josh Hamilton, and his wife Katie share about the devastation that Josh's drug addiction brought upon their marriage. In this candid interview, Katie reveals what it took for her to forgive Josh and allow God to work miracles in their relationship.

A Man Fell in a Hole: Told in the manner of a modern day parable, this dramatic video illustration examines the life of a man searching through the false promises of other religions. His life demonstrates that there is only one path that will lift mankind out of its destitute condition.

Effects of Sin and Grace: What happens when we deny we are sinners? 1 John says that makes us liars and the truth is not in us. What happens when Jesus sheds His blood for our sins? We receive grace. This hope-filled video illustration compares the effects of iodine and food coloring to sin and grace.


Work as Worship Bible Study featuring J.D. Greear

Work as Worship 2012 with Matt Chandler, JR Vassar, Norm Miller & David Green

Work as Worship 2012 with Matt Chandler, JR Vassar, Norm Miller & David Green

What if we saw our work as an opportunity to worship?

Joseph - The Hard Life with Rob Duford

Joseph - The Hard Life with Rob Duford

A 4-part video driven Bible study on the life of Joseph and the certain choices he made in his life.


David Nasser David Nasser

As one of the nation’s forefront speakers and visionaries, David Nasser’s passion is to connect people to the living God. He is the Lead Pastor of Christ City Church in Birmingham. David is also involved in revivals, city-wide rallies, camps and school assemblies, speaking to over 700,000 people each year through D. Nasser Outreach.

When David was 9 years old, he was forced to flee his native homeland of Iran with his family. Leaving behind everything, they escaped to the United States in hopes of beginning a new life. In the years that followed, David felt isolated and sought acceptance from his peers, turning to everything imaginable to fit in. At the age of 18, David was saved and found purpose through a deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

David has written several books including, Jumping Through Fires, Glory Revealed, Grace Anatomy, and A Call to Die. David spoke at the 2010 RightNow conference: Lead Beyond the Walls ( David has also partnered with Bluefish TV to create several powerful video-driven small group and youth Bible studies: Why Jesus? (small group and youth), King David, Paul in Rome, and Paul the Apostle.

David and his wife, Jennifer, live in Alabama with their two children.